Saturday, September 14, 2013

Club Z

For my friend Nicole's 20th birthday we wanted to do something special.  We thought about an under 21 club, but that meant running the risk of bumping into strange guys as well as having to pay a lot of money.

So instead we (Nicole's sister Jackie and I) decided to create a faux club in their basement.  We looked up how to make 'mocktails' which are non-alcoholic mixed drinks, bought blacklight stars to stick on the walls & brought out the stobe light.

On the day of the party we had everyone meet at their house (Nicole had been kept out of the basement so she had no idea what all was set up down there).  Nicole left with two of our friends from the house, blindfolded mind you, and believed that we would be leaving right behind them as soon as our friend Shannon arrived.  After they left we continued to set up the 'club' and I set up the mini bar with what I'd need to mix drinks.

When Nicole arrived back at the house (about 40 min later) dance music was blaring and the blacklights were on.  We brought her down to the basement and finally took off the blindfold.  She was pleasantly surprised.  Everyone enjoyed the drinks and we all danced like crazy.  We also used blacklight pens to draw fake tribal type tattoos on our arms and faces.

We had such a great time and probably more fun than if we had gone out to an actual club.  Usually it's better to get creative and just have fun with special occasions.

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