Thursday, December 19, 2013

Something Of Importance

This post is more for you than for me.  I want you to practice a little bit of interaction (scary, I know).  I want you to actually comment on this post, even if this is your first time even on this blog.  I'm going to ask a question and I want you guys to answer, it's not a hard question either, and your answers can be short and simple or an entire book if you prefer.  I don't mind either way.  And if you've read this far then you totally have to do it, no backsies.

The question: What is one thing that made you smile today?

The punishment if you don't comment?  You get to feel slightly bad about it the rest of the day...


  1. A great song came on while I was driving in my car.

  2. What made me smile today..well that is a very thought provoking question! Well I am a very blessed girl so many things throughout my day make me smile but I think the most noticeable thing was when I saw my bff running up my driveway and giving me a hug after not seeing her for an incredibly long year!

    1. That's funny because my answer would have been seeing my best friend waiting in her doorway as I ran up her driveway after not seeing her for over a year. Weird coincidence huh... ;P