Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Bucket List

*No affiliation with the movie.

Recently my good friend Jackie and I have decided to put our creative and adventurous minds together to create a bucket list.  We will attempt to complete the tasks together as 'bucket buddies'.  Of course others are welcome to join in in our endeavors.  Some of our list items are small and could probably be done this year, others will take time to get done.  We even got so fancy as to start logging our bucket list on  I'll list a couple of our items we were hoping to do together and with other people, and if you're interested in 'bucketing' with us then just let us know.  We'd love to adventure with you!

  • Horseback Riding - neither of us have done anything more than the back-and-forth rides at the harvest fair.  We want to actually go on a trail or something.
  • Release Wishing Lanterns on New Years (Next Year) 
  • Beach Trip with Friends - at least a weekend, maybe a week.
  • Ride Tallest Roller Coaster in USA
  • Visit Whit's End - they have a building set up to look just like it!
  • Paint a Giant Canvas Together - splatter painting for sure.
  • ect.
So let us know if you want to join in on the fun, and also if you have any fun suggestions we're always looking for more things to add.

-XO Juls

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