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The Mountains and The Valleys: Joys and Sorrows

About two years ago I left off with a post about the story of something I was struggling with at the time, my journey with apathy.  Since then I've almost re-approached the subject a number of times but have always stopped short for one reason or another.
     Since that post I've journeyed down some interesting paths, places I didn't expect to go, heights I couldn't believe and depths I wasn't prepared for.  Not physically of course, I'm speaking emotionally and spiritually.  Over the past couple of years I've experienced joys that knocked me head over heels, some I almost wrote about on here in a never started post from a couple months ago to be called "My Journey With Joy" meant to be a continuation and companion piece to Swamp of Sadness: My Journey with Apathy.  I felt blessed in many ways and was focused on pouring out that joy onto the people around me.  But I've also experienced sorrows.  Sorrows that turned me on my head and knock…

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