Saturday, April 26, 2014

10 YouTubers I Subscribe To

I thought that today I would take the time and let you have a looksey at what I watch when I need a YouTube fix.

1.  Bad Lip Reading 
Bad Lip Reading is a hilarious channel.  From political candidates to professional athletes to well known movies they dub over the clips in the most humorous way possible.  The NFL Bad Lip Reading video is my favorite. (it's also my family's favorite.  We will quote this video in normal conversations.)  But I also encourage you to check out "MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD""MORE NFL", and "Mitt Romney".

2.  Mental Floss
Mental Floss is unique in the way that it is informative and yet super entertaining.  My favorite videos by them are the ones where John Green shares fun facts & trivia like in the video below:

3.  Zoella
Zoe is just one of the most adorable people on the internet.  She does beauty videos but she also does some videos just for fun, like some of her 'tag' videos.

4.  Connor Franta
This boy is 'Frantastic'.  I find him to be super funny and relatable, plus he's really down to earth.  He also is on a colab channel called O2L.

5.  Finn & Jack Harries
Jack and his brother Finn are really quite enjoyable to watch because of the way they interact with one another.  "Finn, Finn, the better twin."

6.  Charlie McDonnell
Charlie is a creative soul.  He has a dry sense of humor similar in some ways to my own so I enjoy his videos.  

7.  Rhett & Link (& Good Mythical Morning)
Rhett and Link have been some of my favorite YouTubers for quite a while now.  From their cameos in Julian Smith videos to their music videos I get a kick out of watching these two interact.  Their Mon-Fri show on YouTube, Good Mythical Morning, used to get me through the day.  I am a Mythical Beast and proud of it! 

8.  Blimey Cow
I don't watch BlimeyCow often, but when I do I always chuckle a little.

9.  Smosh Games/ Screen Junkies (Honest Trailers)
Smosh Games gives you gaming trailers & Screen Junkies has the movie trailers.  Hilariously true:

10.  Julian Smith
My all-time favorite YouTuber is the one and only Julian Smith.  And his 'cousin' Jeffery Dallas of course.  His videos are creative, unique, and down right funny.  He also does music videos and has a surprisingly good voice.  The falsetto on this boy is astounding!

Hope you enjoy these clever people's videos as much as i do.
-XO Juls

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Julie By Any Other Name...

Names, they represent who we are at a very basic level.  They are our first impression.  
Sometimes I like looking at what a name actually means and compare it to what I know about the person themselves.  It's shocking how in sync they can be.

So I am going to give you the meaning behind my name, judge for yourself as to if it fits my personality or not.

means 'youthful, beautiful, and vivacious'.
My middle name means grace, and my last name means sexton or churchwarden.

When I first looked up my last name I was a little amused, because I am currently an intern at my church.

I even know the meanings behind some of my friend's names and they seem to fit on the most part.

means 'ruler of the little people'

means 'small but wise'

means 'supplanter' and 'may God protect'

means 'victory of the people'

Even when I write stories I look into what my character names represent and what they mean when I'm naming them.  For instance,

From my Guardians of the North post:

means 'glorious man' and comes from Androcles and the Lion
The last name I gave him is 
which means 'lion-hearted'.

means 'loyal'

means 'loyal to God'

From The Beast of the Lost Island post:

hero of the Norse legend the 'Volsungasaga' who could understand the language of birds.

means “Hermes” in Italian, associated with speed and good luck

means 'Terror of Delos'

What does your name mean?  If you don't already know then I encourage you to look it up sometime.  Then see if the meaning is a surprisingly good fit for you like it was for me.

-XO Juls