Saturday, November 30, 2013

6: 30 Interesting Facts About Moi

As everyone else, I have quirks and you won't really be able to 'get' me until you understand them... or at least put up with them. haha

30:  Interesting Facts About Moi

(let's get the basics out of the way first)
1.  My favorite color is Green.  (But my least favorite color is Lime Green, go figure.)
2.  My favorite animal is the Fox.  And it has been my favorite animal since before the YouTube video.  They're basically like a cat and a dog mixed into a beautiful mysterious creature.
3.  Favorite Season:  Autumn because of the colors & being able to walk through crunchy leaves.
4.  My favorite constellation is Orion.  It brings me comfort when I'm in a new place to be able to find it in the night sky.
5.  I have 2 siblings, both sisters, both many years older than I. (7&8 years older to be exact.)

6.  I have a fairly large family.  To be precise, I have 32 cousins, 20 on my mom's side & 12 on my dad's.  (There are also a fair amount of 'little cousins' or 1st cousins once removed.  That # would be 17 in all.)  ((I find family history type stuff interesting, I even have a digital family tree I'm working on.))
7.  We used to keep outdoor cats before Selena.  Once my two females had babies around the same time, so my two cats became 9.  
8.  I don't ever remember believing in Santa Claus.  
9.  One of my favorite board games is a game called Blizzard of '77.  It's based on the actual blizzard from 1977 in NY.  The object of the game is to collect supplies before/during the blizzard.  Always one of the games I would play at my Grandma's.
10.  I have been out of the country once.  I went to the Philippines in 2007 on a work trip with my church.  I helped to create sidewalks at the Word Of Life Camp and also went snorkeling for the first time.

11.  If I could visit any country in the world it would be France.  
12.  My favorite worship song is Hosanna by Hillsong United.
13.  I collect 3 things: mugs (only pretty or quirky ones), throw blankets, and I just remembered that I have a small collection of flocked bears. (the kind that are sold for 29 cents at A.C. Moore.)
14.  I'm the only person in my immediate family to not need glasses.  (I also never needed braces.  'Pretty teeth'  they always tell me. *shing*)
15.  I once had a pet chicken.  Her name was Lucy.

16.  The Christmas movie I must always watch is A Year Without A Santa Claus. "I'm Mr. Green Christmas, I'm Mr. Sun.  I'm Mr. Heat Blister.  I'm Mr. 101.  They call me Heat Miser, whatever I touch starts to melt in my clutch.  I'm too much." Ba dum bum bum baaaa dum...
17.  If I know the song, you will be hard pressed to find me NOT singing along with it, especially in the car.
18.  I have never ever ever had a boyfriend, and I'm okay with that.  No, for real.  How is it I can tell you don't believe me?  I'm being totally serious.
19.  If I were to get a dog, cost not being a factor, I would get a Huskita.  It is a Husky & Akita mix.
20.  101 Dalmations is a humorously unsettling topic of discussion for me... you'll have to ask me why.  Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

21.  I once got to help set up the stage for a concert.  It was for my favorite band at the time, Family Force 5, so it was an amazing time.
22.  Being called 'Julia' is my ultimate pet peeve.
23.  I used to only let family members and close friends call me 'Juls', nowadays i could have just met you and I don't mind.
24.  Last January I got to go to the Passion conference which basically means I got to worship with 60,000 other believers in the Georgia Dome along with David Crowder, Chris Tomlin and so many more.  It was an unbelievable experience.
25.  I prefer hot chocolate to coffee.  Big time.  (though I will put a little coffee in my hot chocolate.)

26.  My older sister Jen once successfully convinced me that Dr. Pepper was made with prunes.  I told her I didn't care though because I liked it so I was going to keep drinking it.
27.  I come from a very artistic family.  My grandma is an author & poet.  My sisters are both crafty and Janelle used to paint.  And many of my cousins are gifted artistically.
28.  I sing on the worship team at NAVS (navigators).  But any audience bigger than that and my stage fright kicks in.  I love the idea of public speaking though.  
29.  If I'm feeling nostalgic i will put food coloring in my milk, eat poptarts, and watch some 90s cartoons.
30.  My favorite roller coaster at Hershey Park is Storm Runner.

*bonus for making it to the end!  I really miss four-wheeling and dirt biking, whoever wants to take me I will be your new best friend!

-XO Juls

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

23: Pictures of 5 Famous Guys I Find Attractive

My friend helped me settle on today's fun topic off of the list.  It's one of the easier posts for me to do, especially today since I have a ginormous headache.  

So today I will fill you in about 5 famous bros that I find attractive.

23:  Pictures of 5 Famous Guys I Find Attractive

**drum-roll please**

1.  Alex Pettyfer

A.P. , as he is affectionately known as to my friends and I, has been in my "actor-vision" for a while.  He's been in such films as I Am Number 4, Beastly, Wild Child, and In Time (with Justin Timberlake).

2.  Orlando Bloom

Ok, so this one is not a surprise to anyone who knows me.  My favorite Orlando character (and the one I find most attractive) is Legolas.  He's mysterious, honorable, and basically the best archer in all of existence.

3.  Connor Franta

He's probably not on most of your radars, since he's not an actor, but a YouTuber.  He's hilarious & that's probably one of the main things that makes him attractive... plus his good looks.  He just hit 1 mil subscribers recently so obviously other people like his videos too.

4.  Julian Morris
He's from the show Pretty Little Liars & he has a British accent.  Bam.  No more explanation needed.

5.  Colin Morgan
Colin Morgan stars in one of my favorite series, Merlin.  His character is lovable and witty which made me go from "eh, he's alright" to "he's stinkin' adorable"

So yeah.  That's about it.  I know it's not my most thought inspiring post, but whadayya gonna do? 
-xo Juls

Sunday, November 24, 2013

11: Ten Songs that Pop Up when My iPod is on Shuffle

11: Ten Songs that Pop Up when My iPod is on Shuffle

I put my iPod on shuffle.  Let's see what comes up... (This is the second attempt, the first time I ended up with three Relient K songs from the same album and two songs from Footloose soundtracks.  I didn't feel like that accurately portray my music library.)

1.Helena Beat- Foster The People

2.Rock That Body- The Black Eyed Peas

3.What I Need- August York

4.Be Your Man- Ivan & Alyosha

5.Come Fall On Us- Enter The Worship Circle

6.Falling- The Civil Wars

7.We Say Yes- Stephen Miller

8.Love Liberty Disco- Newsboys

9.After The Fight- Jars of Clay

10.Blame It On The Girls- MIKA

Do you have any of these songs on your iPod?
-XO Juls

Saturday, November 23, 2013

24: Favorite Movie & What It's About

*Just to keep you all up to speed on what's happening behind the scenes here, I hit 1000 page views yesterday!  I haven't decided what to do to celebrate yet; stay posted.  In the mean time, here's the first of the challenge i spoke of in yesterday's post*

24: Favorite Movie & What It's About

I'm going out of order in case you were confused... anywho, my favorite movie...
That's actually a no-brainer for me.  This movie has been my favorite for about approximately 10ish years.  

Disney's Newsies

I have many memories of sitting down with my sister, Janelle, to watch this movie.  We had it memorized and would sing along to each song word for word.  It has all the benefits of teaching history about the newsboys strike in New York, being filled with clever quips and even some humor you have to be a little older to understand.  It also has very iconic songs and dance routines that make me wish I was in the movie myself.  

Probably one of the main reasons we watched this movie when we were younger were for the actors.  I mean, it is a movie with a practically all male cast.  Christian Bale is the star character Jack Kelly.  Then there's Davey, Racetrack, and last but not least our favorite Spot Conlin.

Spot Conlon


Jack Kelly

Davey & Jack

With songs like King of New York, Carrying the Banner, and The World Will Know I never could stop singing back in the old days. My sister used to have this film on dvd.  She lent it to a friend who lost it.  I was so distraught that at the young age that I was I decided to order myself a copy with the money I kept in a shoebox.  Best decision I ever made. 

All in all the costumes, music, acting, and plot are all great.  But, that's not why it's my favorite.  It's something I get to share with my big sister.  With an age gap of 7 years it's hard to maintain commonality.  This is one of the biggest bridges between that gap that I am truly thankful for.  

So, if you aren't scared of musicals like some people I know then do yourself a favor and give this movie a chance.  It's one of the older Disney classics that got lost behind the bigger names.

Favorite Line: "Never fear, Brooklyn is here." -Spot

*A few years ago Disney rebooted this movie in a huge way by turning it into a Broadway show.  I got to go see it!  It was fantastic getting to have that experience.  Unfortunately through that conversion some of the "magic" was lost and they didn't keep to the plot as well as I would have liked.

-XO Juls

Friday, November 22, 2013

::Akin To The 30 Day Challenge::

     I've been meaning to post more.  To let my creative juices flow through the power of written word.  Well, I've failed to do so.  Mainly because I'm very critical of my writing abilities.  I even stop myself short when I'm simply thinking of blog ideas so that they never even make it to a brainstorming list.  So, to remedy that I've decided to something short of the 30 day post challenge.  

     Below you will find a 30-day post idea list.  I've decided not to do some of them however.  (At least not on this blog, though I'll keep you in the loop if I decide to post them elsewhere.)  I have highlighted the ones I have chosen to post about.  

     If there are any ideas on here that you would like to hear my thoughts on, please feel welcome to message me or comment letting me know which one.  Or if you have your own post ideas for me feel free to let me know about those as well.  :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

10 Songs You Should Have On Your Autumn Playlist

Some songs just cause you to want to drive down a back road with the windows open to look at the changing leaves, and some just make you feel like curling up in a blanket with some hot apple cider.  So, with that in mind I present to you some of my top autumn picks.

The Autumn Playlist:
-10 Songs That You Should Have On Your Autumn Playlist-

Honey You- The Dirty Guv'nahs
 This song has some kick.  Kind of makes 
you want to stomp your boot and start line dancing.

Back Then-  B. Story (Julian Smith)
I've always known Julian to have a surprisingly 
beautiful voice, but he outdoes himself in this sweet little song. 
(P.S. the video for this is even more amazing)

The Lion The Beast The Beat-  Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
This song is one of my favorite songs in general.
It has a great build and the beat is crazy catchy.

Rogue Boat-  Levi Weaver
This song is short and sweet.  I always love 
Levi's lyrical mastery in his songs.

Freaks-  The Hawk In Paris
If any of the songs scream Halloween on this autumn 
playlist it's this one.  It's just a great song 
for late night drives.

Maple Leaves- Charlie and The Foxtrots
I just discovered these guys on Noisetrade.
This song is sweet and very relate-able.

The Gentry-  The Whiskey Gentry
This song is a foot stomper, I can't get enough of this one.  
I've replayed this thing so many times I don't know 
how I'm not tired of hearing it yet.

Be Your Man-  Ivan & Alyosha
I just recently got to see this song performed live.
It's catchy and what's better in the fall than a love song? ;)

Hold On-  The Gospel Whiskey Runners
This song has depth and great lyrics.

Horses-  Sean Rowe
And to wrap it all up, another catchy tune.

I hope you enjoy :)
-XO Juls

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Top 10 Apps That Make My Phone Awesome

Sometimes when I open an app on my iphone for a split second I'll think: "This app is just awesome, everyone should have this." So I decided to sit down and compile a list of 10 of my favorite apps, a couple of which you might not have heard of yet.

Numero Uno (1):

I just wanted to get this one out of the way since everybody and their mother has most likely heard of it by now.
It's a great app for photo sharing.  You can be a great instagramer by capturing unique scenes, learning how to best utilize filters, and of course a witty caption never hurts.

If you want to check out my Instagram profile here's the link:

 I can't tell you how amazing I think Dropbox is.  Oh wait, I can!  Dropbox is super fantastic!  It has saved my buns on multiple occasions.  Who needs a flashdrive when you have dropbox?  Well with some things probably.  Aaaaanyways, as a graphic designer in college (that commutes) there are often multiple occasions in which I have to work on one project from many different computers.  And I can even add photos from my phone directly to the online storage system.  Cool right?

Duolingo is a language learning app that allows you to learn a new language in a way that makes it fun and easy.  It's almost like playing a game.  The languages available to learn for now are:
(and if your native language isn't english they've got you covered)
I'm currently learning Spanish, though I'm also excited to see what languages will become available in time.

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)
 IMDb is already one of my favorite websites, so getting to access it from my phone is all the better.  Say "Goodbye" to those nagging moments when you're watching a movie and you say to yourself "haven't i seen that actor somewhere before" and then can't figure it out no matter how hard you try.
 Hello, my name is Julie.  I am a Netflix addict.
(That's really all that needs to be said here...)


Pinterest is a great app for collecting inspiration for various things.  I also use it to occupy my hands during certain classes.  It's not often that I use it because I'm bored in class, more-so because I need to keep my hands occupied to pay attention.

Want to check out my boards on Pinterest? Well here ya go:

Sometimes I just need to chill out and give my brain some simple puzzles to solve.  So, along with Sudoku, Solitaire takes up my time when I'm either bored, sick, or don't have good reception haha.

Logos! Bible

The Logos bible app is awesome because:
-when you highlight it actually looks like a highlighter drew it
-you can select individual words
-you can select a word or phrase and look it up in the app
-you are able to have two separate versions or even two separate books open and view them alongside each other.

Skyview is cool because it allows you to see where the stars are located in the sky (even during the day).  The app allows you to see the scientific names for the stars and constellations.  It will even show you the international space station.  And all of that is just on the free version.


Shazam is a music identifying app.  It's great for discovering new songs and artists.  You just let it listen to whatever song is playing and then it  will tell you the song title, artist and album.  With certain songs a lyric play option is even available!  Mainly though I use it to keep a list of tagged songs that I want to add to my Spotify playlists.

So, those are the apps that really make my phone awesome.  And they're all free, so that's super cool.  Anyways, I'm off to go play solitaire while I watch something on Netflix ;)
-XO Juls