Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Reason I Dislike Blogging

Now don't get me wrong, I love blogs, but like everything else they have their downside.  Blogs, specifically in this case, Christian blogs produce some of the most hateful Christian to Christian belittling and bullying (because that's what it is).  It's sickening to scroll through  comments seeing how we treat our brothers and sisters, tearing them down and not building them up.  Accusing them of their wrongs all the while ignoring our own.  I'm not saying that blogs themselves are the cause of this, they're just the avenue that's been chosen to be used.  The issue is in the heart.  Yes Christ asks us to point out slip ups to one another, but for the purpose of growth and sanctification.  Not to prove "I'm a better Christian because look how unchristlike you are." He also asks us to LOVE one another.  Above all else.  We often forget that we're a family in Christ.  We have the same goal, to glorify God and share his name with the world.  We should not let ourselves get so blinded by our own "righteousness" (because hey that only exists through Jesus) to the point that we end up becoming just like the world.  I've struggled with learning how to speak words of love versus words of hate as well, so cmon family, let's do better.  Let us be love.
-XO Juls