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                People are always looking for places filled with insight and deep thought on the internet.  Places where intelligence manifests itself and thought-provoking questions are asked daily.  The most evident website portraying this would have to be Facebook.  Constantly people are posting status updates filled to the brim with intelligent thoughts and statements. 
                Some of the most intriguing statuses are those which make use of the illustrious “text speak” which texters have made popular to save time.  Instead of writing things out word-for-word, with proper punctuation (which would take way too much time anyways), these people use short phrases and keywords to express their moods, let people know what they’re up to, or just rave about how much they love their favorite television show.  These abbreviations range from the well-known “lol”, “brb”, & “K” to the cleverly conceived “rotflol”, “probs”, & “ttyl”; but let’s not forget what I find to be the most profound phrase to come out of text speak, “totes probs”.  These abbreviations are only a few of the thousands created and used to form intelligent and high-class statuses.
                Along with text speak there are other inventive forms of intelligence that show up on Facebook, such as the astutely made randomly captioned photos.  These photos can either be a photo of a famous person, a photo paired with a caption that doesn’t match it in the least, or a picture of a scene from a show or a movie with the words from the scene printed on it.  These pictures are intended to spark curiosity along with a sense of humor.  From Chuck Norris photos to pictures of Spartans (from the videogame Halo) on cell phones saying “Halo?”  these photos portray some of Facebook’s greatest minds. 
                Last, but certainly not least are the intriguing people who only re-post what other people or pages have posted.  Everyone knows that being original is severely over-rated and that the best way to express yourself, your thoughts and feelings, is by using someone else’s words.  These people are even smart enough to do it consistently, so as not to let any of their own ideas appear on Facebook.  These particular people know that the best way to make it to the top of anything is to not have any true ideas of your own. 
                With all of these intelligent thoughts, ideas, and photos plastering the walls of Facebook I’m surprised that people go anywhere else on the internet.  Facebook has proven to the world that people are able to responsibly express themselves daily in a way that embraces intelligence and grace unlike anywhere else online.  In my opinion “FB” has become an unstoppable hub of insight and deep thought, and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the computer-age.  

...satirically speaking of course. ;)


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