The Timeline: Part 1

C4:  Timeline Notes:

Oct. 14

Oval at the beginning:  
·         Genesis: Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Tower of Babel
-- (side-note) entire thing would be about 5000 years’ worth of history—

·         Old Testament Broken Down:
o   Out of nothing- into something
o   Exiting- entering
o   United- divided
o   Scattered- gathered

Three Stick Figures:
·         Abraham/Isaac/Jacob

12 Figures:
·         12 sons of Jacob including Joseph (encircled)

75 people grew to over 2 million:

·         Big stick man in the crowd
·         The exodus
·         (Moses was 80 when he saw the burning bush)

Ten Commandments:
·         Gives them the law

Israelites In The Desert:
·         Weren’t just aimlessly wandering- pillar of cloud by day & pillar of fire by night leading them
--God had a 12 year campaign to conquer the land of Israel—
·         (When they unearthed the city of Jericho it was just as described in the bible)
·         God’s been providing for them as they wander
·         Took only 2 years to get to the promised land, wandered 38 more afterwards

336 year period of sin
·         Cycle (sin-suffer-cry out-savior sent-experience-peace-sin again-etc.)
·         Samuel will reunite them

Box with box, squiggles, and circle:
·         Box-represents temporary security
·         Book of Judges
·         Dot- represents the remnant of God’s people

·         Hannah has Eli who becomes the voice of God
·         Israelites want a king really badly even though God keeps telling them they don’t need one
·         Samuel grows up and leads & when he ends up not becoming king God gives them Saul (who ends up being their worst nightmare) to satisfy them


On The Literal Interpretation Of Genesis- By Dr. Soden & Dr. Miller

~Faith is what fills the gaps in your knowledge.

(Notes from lecture/discussion from Ben Bixby)


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