The Timeline: Part 2

     772 BC (the boxed A)- Assyria conquers 10 tribes
o   2 Chronicles 36:17-21

·         Deportations:
o   605 BC- deportation (took all the smart ones & made them Babylonian including Rac, Shack, and Benny)
o   597 BC- Nebakenezer comes back for another deportation (along w/ Ezekiel)
o   586 BC- Neb. burns city and destroys temple because Israel wouldn’t “bow” to a foreign king
o   3 deportations in all
§  Neb. would keep the king alive to keep kind of as a pet
o   Ezekiel 36: 22f-22 (first person mentions of God)
o   Chronicles 36:22-23 & Ezra 1:1-4
·         Temple:
o   ((Little box on left represents temple/ right little box is temple with walls surrounding it))
o   50,000 Jews return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple under the rule of Sirus (a pagen king) (1st Return)
o   536 BC- took 2 years to lay foundation for temple (surrounding people oppressed the Israelites)
o   Haggai & Zacharia came back with the 50,000 & got the people to repent and they used the wood + gold (which they had used on their homes) to rebuild the temple
o   Darius = King
o   Darius reinstates Sirus’ old decree to fund the building of the temple & sent letters to the surrounding kingdoms telling them to stop harassing them & also to send workers to help
o   458 BC- 20,000 more return, mostly servents (2nd Return)
o   444 BC- Nehemiah comes back & they rebuild walls around the city (3rd Return)
·         Alexander the Great comes to power in Greece- 400 yrs of silence (Greek empire brings common language) 1st time since Tower of Babel that there’s peace & can talk to anyone anywhere
o   331 BC- A.T.G. (Alexander The Great) conquers Palestinian empire
·         323 BC- Egypt becomes leader over Israel
·         One of A.T.G.’s children/grandchildren destroyed the 2nd temple
·         3rd temple- Herod’s temple (he rebuilt it)- stood when Jesus was there
·         167- Israel begins to rule themselves (rise pharasies, sagacies, zealots)
·         63 BC-44 BC- Caesar
·         37-4 BC- Herod
·         Herod’s family becomes the backdrop for the life and ministry of Jesus
·         Matthew 11 & 12
·         John 7:37-38
·         John 12:22-23- death and burial
·         Luke 24:26- risen life
·         John 12:16- ascended
·         New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed, and the Old Testament is in the New Testament revealed.

Text Box: Church: Dispersing & Growing

·         Our faith is not mythical
·         Where the books of the bible fit in the timeline


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