The 'When I Grow Up' List

   There are so many career paths I could have chosen, and still could I guess (nothing's definite till I'm dead I s'pose).  Yet, I pursued graphic design.  For some reason or another it always made sense- art & practicality both led towards that decision.  But if I had the choice to step into another career of my choosing just for the fun of it, I sure would!  So I've decided to compile a list of the top 7 careers I would readily step into.  

1. Voice Actor 
I've always been fascinated with vocal manipulations, whether that meant imitating Homestar Runner with my sister as kids or trying to perfect my different accents while goofing off with friends.  I also love discovering when one voice actor was the sound behind many characters from shows and movies I used to love.

2. Broadway Actor
Singing, acting, dressing up!  You betcha I've always been interested in theater.  Too bad my stage fright always seemed to overpower my desires to perform.

3. Fashion Designer
This particular passion has been with me as long as I can remember.  Professionally I've moved on to a more attainable goal, but I still plan on using this gift to create fun outfits now and again. 

4. Indie Singer/Songwriter
Singing has always been one of my struggles.  I know I'm good, at least 'average good', but I've never been affirmed as having a spectacular voice.  So though my desire for singing is there I still would get too embarrassed to share myself singing legitimately to anyone other than close friends.  And as for the songwriting... Well I don't know guitar and would like to & my lyrics have always sucked... So it'd be cool to be better at that.

5. Stylist
Dressing other people up to look pretty? Yes please!  

6. Party Planner
I love color schemes, themes, and event planning/ running.  I've always felt I could have some pretty swanky parties if given the means.

7. Cafe/Bistro Owner
Yes.  A French, indie cafe/bistro with a bakery is one of my top dreams!  From the live music to the freshly baked croissants paired with a latte (with an extra shot of espresso) this place would be The place to go to hang out, chill with a good book, go on a date, or even just grab breakfast.  And I would be the mastermind behind it all. :). ((P.s. had to create a restaurant for class and so of course I created my dream place: Foxglove: Cafe/Bistro))
~Xoxo~ Juls


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