Summer Goals

  • climb more trees
  • collect some vinyl
  • get some sun
  • paint more
  • sleep under the stars at least once
  • hike
  • go to more concerts
  • beach trip
  • walk the city streets
  • amusement park trip
  • swing dance
  • read my books!
  • laugh (a lot) with my friends
  • sell some paintings
  • more bonfires
  • break out the ol' bicycle at least once
  • people watch
  • draw people
These are just a few of the things I want to do this Summer.  Some of these things I already do (like read my books and laugh with my friends etc.) but I often think it's good to make them part of my goals so that I motivate myself into a generally happier lifestyle. 

Do you have goals for what you want to do this Summer?  What would some of those be? 
-XO Juls


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