Connecting the Pieces

God has a way of making me realize when something is supposed to hit home.  

Sometimes it's through a key phrase in a song lyric or a message from a speaker, sometimes it's through a talk with one of my big sisters, and sometimes it is through repetition.  My favorite is when God shows me connections.  

I'm a girl who loves connections.  I'm a mystery solver, a puzzler, and a connection maker.  This fact alone is probably why I fell in love with Ted Dekker's books. (They are full of connections between books that aren't even in the same series.)  

So, when I am able to discover that a message I heard in church a week ago relates to the topic the speaker I'm listening to right now is discussing makes me happier than it probably should.  Not only does the whole "I made a connection!" aspect brighten my mood but it also makes me stop and ponder.  "I see what you did there, God."

Like a lot of people I severely lack application in many areas of my life, be it practicing patience, gossiping, obedience, practically the whole spectrum.  That's why I cherish the moments when my attention can be grabbed out of the insanity that is my scattered mind in order to focus on a part of my life that requires a little bit of spiritual handiwork.  

Many times throughout this past year or two these sort of occurances have happened in large amounts.  Many times I will go to church on Tuesday nights and learn a great message, then go to Navs on Thursday and hear a message radically similar.  

I'm not saying that we should rely on repetition in order to find points to start our heart change.  We should constantly be working on all areas of our heart in order to glorify God through that.  But I love when I can thank Jesus for being patient with me & letting me sometimes figure out the obvious stuff in such a creative way as making connections.

-XO Juls


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