Songs I Can't Bring Myself To Stop Listening To: iTunes Edition

Songs I Can't Bring Myself To 
Stop Listening To (On iTunes)

I recently gave you an idea of the songs I binge on when it comes to Spotify, but I also get hooked on some of the songs in my iTunes library.  (A lot of these I got from Noisetrade in case you're curious.)  A majority of these songs are upbeat fun types of songs, I'm usually drawn to those the most.

Barlights (Live) - fun.

Get Lucky (Gypsyphonic Bounce Remix) - The Soul Rebels feat. BIg Freedia

Kathleen - The Tattletale Saints

Into Your Deep - Hans Kraenzlin

Just A Ride - The Virginmarys

Acapella & Pulses - Karmin

Motive 1, 2 - Beautiful Eulogy

The Shadow (Burden) - Baskery

Unconditional Love Remix & Hallelujah Remix - Kevin Aleksander

-XO Juls


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