24: Favorite Movie & What It's About

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24: Favorite Movie & What It's About

I'm going out of order in case you were confused... anywho, my favorite movie...
That's actually a no-brainer for me.  This movie has been my favorite for about approximately 10ish years.  

Disney's Newsies

I have many memories of sitting down with my sister, Janelle, to watch this movie.  We had it memorized and would sing along to each song word for word.  It has all the benefits of teaching history about the newsboys strike in New York, being filled with clever quips and even some humor you have to be a little older to understand.  It also has very iconic songs and dance routines that make me wish I was in the movie myself.  

Probably one of the main reasons we watched this movie when we were younger were for the actors.  I mean, it is a movie with a practically all male cast.  Christian Bale is the star character Jack Kelly.  Then there's Davey, Racetrack, and last but not least our favorite Spot Conlin.

Spot Conlon


Jack Kelly

Davey & Jack

With songs like King of New York, Carrying the Banner, and The World Will Know I never could stop singing back in the old days. My sister used to have this film on dvd.  She lent it to a friend who lost it.  I was so distraught that at the young age that I was I decided to order myself a copy with the money I kept in a shoebox.  Best decision I ever made. 

All in all the costumes, music, acting, and plot are all great.  But, that's not why it's my favorite.  It's something I get to share with my big sister.  With an age gap of 7 years it's hard to maintain commonality.  This is one of the biggest bridges between that gap that I am truly thankful for.  

So, if you aren't scared of musicals like some people I know then do yourself a favor and give this movie a chance.  It's one of the older Disney classics that got lost behind the bigger names.

Favorite Line: "Never fear, Brooklyn is here." -Spot

*A few years ago Disney rebooted this movie in a huge way by turning it into a Broadway show.  I got to go see it!  It was fantastic getting to have that experience.  Unfortunately through that conversion some of the "magic" was lost and they didn't keep to the plot as well as I would have liked.

-XO Juls


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