23: Pictures of 5 Famous Guys I Find Attractive

My friend helped me settle on today's fun topic off of the list.  It's one of the easier posts for me to do, especially today since I have a ginormous headache.  

So today I will fill you in about 5 famous bros that I find attractive.

23:  Pictures of 5 Famous Guys I Find Attractive

**drum-roll please**

1.  Alex Pettyfer

A.P. , as he is affectionately known as to my friends and I, has been in my "actor-vision" for a while.  He's been in such films as I Am Number 4, Beastly, Wild Child, and In Time (with Justin Timberlake).

2.  Orlando Bloom

Ok, so this one is not a surprise to anyone who knows me.  My favorite Orlando character (and the one I find most attractive) is Legolas.  He's mysterious, honorable, and basically the best archer in all of existence.

3.  Connor Franta

He's probably not on most of your radars, since he's not an actor, but a YouTuber.  He's hilarious & that's probably one of the main things that makes him attractive... plus his good looks.  He just hit 1 mil subscribers recently so obviously other people like his videos too.

4.  Julian Morris
He's from the show Pretty Little Liars & he has a British accent.  Bam.  No more explanation needed.

5.  Colin Morgan
Colin Morgan stars in one of my favorite series, Merlin.  His character is lovable and witty which made me go from "eh, he's alright" to "he's stinkin' adorable"

So yeah.  That's about it.  I know it's not my most thought inspiring post, but whadayya gonna do? 
-xo Juls


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