The Top 10 Apps That Make My Phone Awesome

Sometimes when I open an app on my iphone for a split second I'll think: "This app is just awesome, everyone should have this." So I decided to sit down and compile a list of 10 of my favorite apps, a couple of which you might not have heard of yet.

Numero Uno (1):

I just wanted to get this one out of the way since everybody and their mother has most likely heard of it by now.
It's a great app for photo sharing.  You can be a great instagramer by capturing unique scenes, learning how to best utilize filters, and of course a witty caption never hurts.

If you want to check out my Instagram profile here's the link:

 I can't tell you how amazing I think Dropbox is.  Oh wait, I can!  Dropbox is super fantastic!  It has saved my buns on multiple occasions.  Who needs a flashdrive when you have dropbox?  Well with some things probably.  Aaaaanyways, as a graphic designer in college (that commutes) there are often multiple occasions in which I have to work on one project from many different computers.  And I can even add photos from my phone directly to the online storage system.  Cool right?

Duolingo is a language learning app that allows you to learn a new language in a way that makes it fun and easy.  It's almost like playing a game.  The languages available to learn for now are:
(and if your native language isn't english they've got you covered)
I'm currently learning Spanish, though I'm also excited to see what languages will become available in time.

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)
 IMDb is already one of my favorite websites, so getting to access it from my phone is all the better.  Say "Goodbye" to those nagging moments when you're watching a movie and you say to yourself "haven't i seen that actor somewhere before" and then can't figure it out no matter how hard you try.
 Hello, my name is Julie.  I am a Netflix addict.
(That's really all that needs to be said here...)


Pinterest is a great app for collecting inspiration for various things.  I also use it to occupy my hands during certain classes.  It's not often that I use it because I'm bored in class, more-so because I need to keep my hands occupied to pay attention.

Want to check out my boards on Pinterest? Well here ya go:

Sometimes I just need to chill out and give my brain some simple puzzles to solve.  So, along with Sudoku, Solitaire takes up my time when I'm either bored, sick, or don't have good reception haha.

Logos! Bible

The Logos bible app is awesome because:
-when you highlight it actually looks like a highlighter drew it
-you can select individual words
-you can select a word or phrase and look it up in the app
-you are able to have two separate versions or even two separate books open and view them alongside each other.

Skyview is cool because it allows you to see where the stars are located in the sky (even during the day).  The app allows you to see the scientific names for the stars and constellations.  It will even show you the international space station.  And all of that is just on the free version.


Shazam is a music identifying app.  It's great for discovering new songs and artists.  You just let it listen to whatever song is playing and then it  will tell you the song title, artist and album.  With certain songs a lyric play option is even available!  Mainly though I use it to keep a list of tagged songs that I want to add to my Spotify playlists.

So, those are the apps that really make my phone awesome.  And they're all free, so that's super cool.  Anyways, I'm off to go play solitaire while I watch something on Netflix ;)
-XO Juls


  1. Great list, Julie! I'm an Instagram fanatic, too! Thanks for the shout-out for Logos Bible Software!

    In case you haven't tried it out yet, you'd probably really like the Faithlife Study Bible app — it also integrates with your Logos library, plus it has some fantastic study notes to go along with your Bible reading. ( ) (Disclosure: I work here.)

    As a designer who loves iOS apps, you'd probably also enjoy AirFoto — as long as you're on the same WiFI network as your computer, you can use AirFoto to stream images from any computer strait to your phone (nice for when you need to access images using your phone but those images aren't in your Dropbox folder — such as when you've run out of room in Dropbox, like I do all the time!)



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