::Akin To The 30 Day Challenge::

     I've been meaning to post more.  To let my creative juices flow through the power of written word.  Well, I've failed to do so.  Mainly because I'm very critical of my writing abilities.  I even stop myself short when I'm simply thinking of blog ideas so that they never even make it to a brainstorming list.  So, to remedy that I've decided to something short of the 30 day post challenge.  

     Below you will find a 30-day post idea list.  I've decided not to do some of them however.  (At least not on this blog, though I'll keep you in the loop if I decide to post them elsewhere.)  I have highlighted the ones I have chosen to post about.  

     If there are any ideas on here that you would like to hear my thoughts on, please feel welcome to message me or comment letting me know which one.  Or if you have your own post ideas for me feel free to let me know about those as well.  :)


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