10 Songs You Should Have On Your Autumn Playlist

Some songs just cause you to want to drive down a back road with the windows open to look at the changing leaves, and some just make you feel like curling up in a blanket with some hot apple cider.  So, with that in mind I present to you some of my top autumn picks.

The Autumn Playlist:
-10 Songs That You Should Have On Your Autumn Playlist-

Honey You- The Dirty Guv'nahs
 This song has some kick.  Kind of makes 
you want to stomp your boot and start line dancing.

Back Then-  B. Story (Julian Smith)
I've always known Julian to have a surprisingly 
beautiful voice, but he outdoes himself in this sweet little song. 
(P.S. the video for this is even more amazing)

The Lion The Beast The Beat-  Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
This song is one of my favorite songs in general.
It has a great build and the beat is crazy catchy.

Rogue Boat-  Levi Weaver
This song is short and sweet.  I always love 
Levi's lyrical mastery in his songs.

Freaks-  The Hawk In Paris
If any of the songs scream Halloween on this autumn 
playlist it's this one.  It's just a great song 
for late night drives.

Maple Leaves- Charlie and The Foxtrots
I just discovered these guys on Noisetrade.
This song is sweet and very relate-able.

The Gentry-  The Whiskey Gentry
This song is a foot stomper, I can't get enough of this one.  
I've replayed this thing so many times I don't know 
how I'm not tired of hearing it yet.

Be Your Man-  Ivan & Alyosha
I just recently got to see this song performed live.
It's catchy and what's better in the fall than a love song? ;)

Hold On-  The Gospel Whiskey Runners
This song has depth and great lyrics.

Horses-  Sean Rowe
And to wrap it all up, another catchy tune.

I hope you enjoy :)
-XO Juls


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