10 Songs To Keep You Warm This Winter

This time, instead of back roads and country air filled with the smell of wood smoke, the feel of this playlist is snowy nights wrapped up in a blanket watching movies or reading a good book next to the fireplace.

The Winter Playlist:
-10 Songs That Will Keep You Warm This Winter-

Ring Of Fire- Home Free
This group was my favorite in this last season 
of The Sing Off & for good reason.  
Their rendition of Ring Of Fire makes me 
all giddy, just listen to that bass!

Home, I Saw- Glan Hartmann
This song has a 'coming home' 
sort of feel to it.

Between The World And You- The Hawk In Paris
This song is just a little haunting which 
is one of the reasons I love it.

White Owl (Mason Jar & Josh Garrels Remix)- Josh Garrels
I chose this version over the original 
because it was a little smoother and 
it honestly reminded me of snowfall.

Counting Stars- OneRepublic
This has quickly become one 
of my favorite songs.  
I know not everybody is a OneRepublic 
fan but this song sure made me one.

We Rise Like Smoke- Kyler England
This song is cool and soothing, 
like a Werther's Original.

Every Day- Magic Man
One Word: 

Grace Kelly- MIKA
MIKA is a secret obsession of mine, 
well at least his songs.  
I love singing along to this one!

Amsterdam- Imagine Dragons
I don't think I need to explain 
"Why Imagine Dragons?", 
it's Imagine Dragons.  
But "Why this song specifically?", 
well that;s because it has a chiller feel to it.

90-Mile Water Wall- The National
It's a little sad, but is toe-tappingly catchy too.


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