26: What Kind Of Person Attracts Me

The one you've all (or probably at least some) have been waiting for....

26: What Kind Of Person Attracts Me
As far as people in general I gravitate towards more outgoing and bubbly people, people that can make me laugh (I love to laugh) and people who can relate to my general weirdness.  When It comes to guys though... It's a little bit harder to explain...

...so I'm going to break it up a bit.  The typical things I like or don't mind in a guy are going to be in part 1.  Then part 2 is going to go a little more in depth.  Here we go...

Part 1.

To start out I'm just going to hit on the more shallow side of things... because everybody has a little bit of preference when it comes to this sort of thing.  None of the things in 'part 1' are definite, as in I find many kinds of guys attractive; I have noticed I do have a type though.

-Blue eyes- I'm being extremely honest with all of you right now, there's just something about a blue eyed guy.  

-Guys that can make me laugh, but aren't obnoxious- I like it when I can laugh with you, but at the right time & place.

-Musicians- The last 4 guys I've had an interest in have all been musically inclined.  I think that's just a girl thing, but it also probably has to do with the fact that I love music as well.  (used to play the violin, snare drum, and i still sing)

-A well dressed man- "Women go crazy for a sharp dressed man."  Indeed they do.  Any time i see a guy whom I wouldn't have to help learn what the term "clashing" means it's a good sign.

-Intelligence-  As long as you aren't narcissistic about your smarts it's cool if you can understand math... science.. technical jargon... all that stuff i could have been better at if i tried.

-Creative- I like me those artistic types.  Musicians probably fall under this category, but I also wouldn't mind a guy that could keep up with my drawing skills.  We could both help each other improve our drawing skills! Let the critiques begin! (wait that would probably be a really bad idea, scratch the critique thing)

-Great Smile- A guy's smile can make a world of a difference.

Ok, I'm actually getting really tired of coming up with things for part 1.  So let's move on to...

Part 2

Recently I noticed a shift in the things I find attractive about a guy.  All those things above apply, but to a much lesser extent.  I compared the reasons why I find the guy I'm interested in now with a guy I had liked for quite a few years.  The differences shocked me.  Basically, I noticed a growth in myself within those differences.  The guy from before is awesome, don't get me wrong, but frankly he's immature.  I kind of blinded myself to seeing those things in him because I liked him.  After I decided to move on because I knew there wasn't mutual interest I started to see things clearly.  And many times after I have found myself saying both to myself and my friends "I'm so glad I don't like him any more."  Now he is still fun to hang out with and all, and he's a great guy, but not great for me.  This other guy I have interest in currently is a little different.  He still holds many of the qualities from up above but I can see more spiritual maturity in him.  So instead of just liking him because he can make me laugh it's more because I can see his desire for Christ more clearly.  It's just encouraging to see personal growth in my own experiences.  

So anyways, I hope you enjoyed my post about boys. ;) 
*names were left out for security reasons and for the prevention of my own embarrassment. 
-XO Juls


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