15: My Favorite Tumblrs (and other such blogs)

15: My Favorite Tumblrs (and other blogs)
I don't follow many people on Tumblr to be honest.  I follow about 14 blogs and seriously only 3 of them ever post anything regularly.  So my choices were limited for just a group of Tumblr blogs, so instead I widened the lens a bit and included other sites like Wordpress, Blogger, etc.

::Tyler Draws::
-Type of blog: Art & Illustration
-Why I like it: His style is very unique and comical sometimes.  I love having that little bit of quirky art added to my news feed to spice it up a bit.

::For An Audience of One::
-Type of blog: Inspiration/ Journal
-Why I like it: This is one of my close friend's blogs actually.  It's a look into her journeys and her experiences from an inward perspective which is always interesting and well worded.  

-Type of blog: Photography
-Why I like it: Narcissism.  This is my big sister's blog.  But aside from that it's basically like a story told through pictures (wonderful and beautifully shot photos by the way.  My sister has a great eye.)

::Project Inspired::
-Other Domain
-Type of blog: Assortment (Inspiration/Advice/Discussion)
-Why I like it: This was started by a model that lived in Hollywood who became a Christian.  She writes advice to girls, discusses relationships, modesty, and role models.

::The Shark Blog::
-Other Domain
-Type of blog: Music?
-Why I like It: The Shark Blog is Mark Wolpert's blog, there are some insights to what he thinks about music, or comics he thinks is funny.

::The Beauty Department::
-Other Domain
-Type of blog: Beauty Advice (Fashion/Hair/Makeup/DIY)
-Why I like it: I can't tell you how much I've learned from their tutorials and how-to's.  Where do you think I learned to 'fishtail' my hair?

::A Heart Undivided::
-Type of blog: Inspiration/Journal
-Why I like it: This is another friend's blog.  My friends are just super cool with their words and turn of phrase.  Nolan is no exception.  The best part is when you're reading his blog you can tell that it sounds exactly like how he'd be talking in person, which is usually hilarious.

::Waves Of His Grace::
-Type of blog: Inspiration/Journal
-Why I like it: My friend Rebecca is the author of this adorable blog.  It's simply her thoughts, insights, and experiences, which I have always thought is the most sincere form of blogging.

Now be sure to go check out these awesome-tacular blogs! (But of course don't forget to check back here for my next post.) ;)


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