Julie Annette

Hello all, this is my first piece from my writing course I'm taking this winter.  I like what I have so far so I thought you might enjoy it too.

Julie Annette
My name is Julie.  It’s kind of short but it fits well with the middle name Annette.  It can really only be shortened to Juls (though most people don’t spell it the way I prefer). Julie; It means youthful, beautiful or vivacious. I think it means something more like a blue-ish sort of purple that you can kind of feel lingering.  Or the smell of a thunderstorm as it’s brewing.  My name means the laughter shared among close friends on long nights and the feeling of extreme happiness that could only come from a cat purring as it sits on your lap.  It’s the intensity of brush strokes on a canvas or of graphite on paper.  My name is a beat up old Jeep called Sinatra that somehow keeps running and the fascinating moment when you realized you stayed up till the sunrise reading a book you couldn’t put down.  Julie means hands that sometimes smell of warm vanilla sugar shoved into knit gloves when it’s even sort of brisk outside because they are always cold.  It’s the sound of singing in praise and worship on a Tuesday night with people who feel like family.  My name is more than 5 letters and 2 syllables.  It’s a feeling, an emotion, a way of being as well as who I long to be.  When my name is in full, it has a flow, a sincerity that just a first name cannot hold.  Julie Annette.  It is an extension of my personality, a portrait of the woman I am and want to be. 

XO- Juls


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