The Guardians of the North

Who wants to see what I've written so far in the novel I've started?  Well too bad, that's what you're getting.  The idea for this has been floating around in my head for a couple years.  It's not very well developed but I hope to work through that as my ideas get put to paper.  The working title is The Guardians of the North, and it's inspired by authors like Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, Frank Peretti, and Ted Dekker.  So, here we go...

Androcles never did anything very much out of the ordinary.  He thought of himself as a normal everyday type of boy who did normal every day types of things.  He lived on a farm with his mother and father in one of the more rural townships in the area.  Though basically all of Regen Valley was rural, so that wasn’t really saying much.  His mother, a seamstress, made his clothes which were plain and sturdy for working on the farm, while his father trained him to look after cows and tend to the field.  They only had one field, and it wasn’t much to brag about, a smallish sort of square that took up half of their property and grew wheat.  Androcles knew he looked plain, with pale hair and eyes of the same hazel tone, he could almost blend in with the wheat when it was in full.  For such an ordinary boy, nothing like what he was about to experience would even cross his mind.

                “How are we even supposed to know when we are there?” squawked Besnik, a feathery sort of creature.  His long legs rested atop the head of a tremendous cow Elk.  His companion sighed again, having heard this question one too many times on their journey, “I told you, there will be a sign.  Now be patient, Besnik, or I’ll make you fly the rest of the way there.”  Besnik didn’t like that idea.  The pair continued walking across the plains the sun high overhead. “Shylah, what do you mean by ‘a sign’?  I mean, what do you think it will be?”  The elk twisted her muzzle as she puzzled about the question she had been asking herself since they first set out.  “I’m not sure, but we’ll know it when we see it.”  

So far Besnik and Shylah are my favorite characters, at least from the personalities I've developed in my mind for them; loyal but sassy.  However Androcles is the main character so I should probably be focusing on him more.  Anyways, be sure to look for The Gurardians of the North in a local bookstore near you starting probably never.  

Feel free to leave me any constructive criticism that you would like, I'm sure there a couple amazing writers among you. 

P.S. quick sketch of Androcles I did a while ago: 

-XO Juls


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