14: My Earliest Memory

14:  My Earliest Memory

I've been staying away from this one for a while because my early years are really quite a jumble for me.  I'm not really sure what my earliest memory is.  But fear not, I've still prepared something for you, my lovely reader.  I will treat you to some of my favorite childhood memories.

The Dr. Pepper Story
Jennifer, my oldest sister has always had an affinity for picking on me.  It is her job as an older sister after all.  Since we're 8 years apart she was always way more clever than I growing up so she and Janelle could talk me into many things when I was really little.  One time Jen decided she wanted to talk me off of my favorite soda, Dr. Pepper.  She proceeded to tell me that it was made with prunes.  I completely believed her.  I probably even pulled a 'disgusted' face.  But the joke was on her, I liked Dr. Pepper so much I shrugged and kept drinking it anyways.  "So what, it still tastes good."  It wasn't till a few days later when I remembered I could look at the ingredients on the can & prove her wrong.  

The Kitchen Table
This is more of a 'happened all the time' type of memory than a one time thing.  My sister Janelle and I used to sit across from each other at our kitchen table.  Like Jen, Janelle and I are many years apart.  7 in fact, but we could be the best of friends at times.  Some of my favorite memories are the nights at the dinner table when Janelle and I would do this thing where we'd just star at each other and start laughing.  And each time we'd catch each other's eyes again we'd laugh even harder.  Giggle fits make for the best of memories.

The Lights
Another memory like that was back in the days when Janelle and I had to share a room.  We live on a busy street so cars were constantly passing our house at night.  As I would lay in bed trying to go to sleep I would watch the lights of the cars run across the ceiling.  It was mesmerizing and worked for me like counting sheep does for other people.

The Story Of Little Tree
When I was young I had a favorite cassette tape that I loved to listen to and would have my mom put on for me night after night.  It was The Story Of Little Tree.  It's a touching little story about a tree as it grows up, meets a stranger named Jesus, and then one of his branches gets used to create the cross that Jesus is crucified on.  Janelle however, grew tired of listening to the same story night after night.  She obviously didn't understand that going through stories multiple times is how you find all the stuff you missed before, it becomes fuller and richer.  Suddenly though my cassette disappeared.  Years went by with me not having a clue where it was.  Until one day a couple years ago I brought up the story.  Nelli just laughed "Oh I hid that in the garage."  I had her go get it for me (It was miraculously still in the same place.) and I now can listen to my favorite Easter story anytime I want.  I still listen to stories on tape/cd until I know every word.  That's not going to change.  I'm a story nerd, I want to know all of the nuances, envision each scene, and sometimes I fall asleep before the end so I have to re-listen.

So there are a few of my childhood memories.  There are plenty more, but sometimes it takes a good old family game night for me to remember them, what with everyone sharing funny stories.  Now I'm curious.  What's your favorite childhood memory?

-XO Juls


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