Darlin' Do You Love Me? - Mixtape

I'm starting to get excited for next month, specifically Valentines Day.  Not because I have a valentine, but because of the parties and the joy of just being overly affectionate.  In that spirit I put together a mix of songs that aren't too lovey-dovey, (cause that's just gross) but do have a feel good, let love sort of vibe to them.  And to my single pals, I feel ya, sometimes you just wanna go anti-valentines and protest relationships in general.  But instead of doing that I like to embrace V-day.  I like making my friends feel special on Valentines day, and I even wear pink.  (gasp! I know, me voluntarily wearing gads of pink? shocking.)  I'm not saying that there isn't a part of me that's like "hey, it'd be cool to know I've got someone to spend Valentine's with." cause most everybody wants that.  But I am saying that I like to be happy, and why shouldn't I be able to do that on V-Day like every other day.  This mix is my way of saying that.

Darlin' Do You Love Me?

1::Darlin' - The Branches::
2::Stuck In My Head - Wolf Cove::
3::This is an Adventure - The Lighthouse and The Whaler::
4::Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John::
5::Every Day - Magic Man::
6::Cameo Lover - Kimbra::
7::Heaven - Bryan Adams::
8::More Than Just A Little Bit - Thomas McGuire::
9::Something I Need - OneRepublic::
10::Be Your Man - Ivan & Alyosha::
11::Heartbeat - Kopecky Family Band::
12::High Heel Leather Boots - Baby Bee::
13::Maple Leaves - Charlie and the Foxtrots::
14::Fireworks - Sera::
15::Speed Of Dreams - AlO::
16::Do You Love Me (Live Acoustic) - Guster::

-XO Juls


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