8 Books on My Shelf

One thing you might not know about me is my affinity for books.  My shelves sometimes feel like they're overflowing.  I'd rather spend 20 bucks on used books from the Reuzit Shop than on makeup.  I even have been known to refer to books as my babies.  In fact if you borrow any of my books and you so much as bend a corner I won't be very pleased with you.  I'll forgive you of course, but initially I'll be quite cross.  

Aaaannnyways... books open up entirely new worlds.  They strengthen your imagination and let you transport yourself to a completely new place where you can escape.  

I thought I'd share with you a few of the books on my shelf.  Some are favorites that I've read before and some I am eager to start reading.  Without further ado here are 8 books that are on my shelf.

1.  Outlaw - Ted Dekker

2.  Dragon Rider - Funke

3.  A Lion is in the Streets - Blakiston

4.  Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

5.  A Treasury of Great Mysteries - Haycroft & Beecroft

6.  Lionboy - Zizou Corder

7.  The Meaning of Marriage - Timothy Keller

8.  Paris - Edward Rutherfurd


Take a look at your own bookshelf.  Is there a book you've been waiting to dive into?  Then go for it!  If not then maybe it's time to borrow a book from a friend or visit the library.  Reading is an adventure, one that is unique each and every time.  Enjoy your books!

-XO Juls


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