5 Fortunes I Have Kept

I don't really collect fortunes, you know the kind you pull out of a fortune cookie, but I do keep the ones I like or find funny.  I know where 15 of them are, though it's possible I have more scattered about.  I initially started keeping them because I had the crazy idea that I would start learning some Chinese vocab from them.  We all know how that turned out... I won't share them all with you, but I do want to share me top 5.

1.  This one is my favorite.  I even have it taped to my computer over my webcam.  That way I can remind myself of it every day. 

Your mind understands what you
have been taught; your heart,
what is true.

(I have no idea what's on the back of this one since it is taped down.)

2.  One of three on my inspiration board.

Focus on trusting your intuition
and you will get through it.

(Chinese for Orange is cheng zi.  Lucky numbers- 46,37,35,11,25,31)

3.  Two of the three on my inspiration board.

Old friends, old wines, and old
golds are best.

(Chinese for Chocolate is qiao ke li.  Lucky numbers- 50,14,31,53,26,11)

4.  Tres of tres on my inspiration board.  (Btw, my inspiration board is a ribbon board that has pictures I've drawn, notes from friends, verses, and other odds and ends to inspire me.)

To conquer your flaws, you must
first accept them.

(Chinese for Ice Cream is bing qi lin.  Lucky numbers- 43,53,24,20,41,56)

5.  Last but not least, 

Talent knows what to do; tact
knows when and how to do it.

(Chinese for Headache is tou tong.  Lucky numbers- 42,38,50,24,10,25)

Well I hope you found them as inspirational as I do.  Or at least found them to be good sayings.  Do you have a fortune that you've kept with you?  If so feel free to share it in the comments, I would love to hear it! 

-XO Juls


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