Ice Skating with Kayla

My friend Kayla and I decided to go ice skating this past Saturday.  I also decided that ice skating was also going to be my way of celebrating 2000 pageviews.  So Kayla and I headed over to Regency Ice Rink and shredded some ice.

When we first got there we were a tad early so we caught some of the ice hockey game that was going on.

Instead of waiting around for public skate to open up in the chilly rink we headed over to the mall for some fabulous window shopping.  We also enjoyed some Boardwalk Fries and Auntie Anne's. Mmmmmm... 

When we got back to the rink Kayla remembered how unbalanced she was and I had a blast being her right-hand girl.  Eventually she caught on and was able to pass people with ease and she only fell like twice.  

I have always enjoyed ice skating, ever since i first went... which was only last year.  In fact in total I've only ice skated three times.  But it's always been fun & when you're with the right people it's worth the sore ankles.  

After skating Kaylabear and I warmed up by going back to my house and having some hot cocoa.  We then watched an old classic, How To Marry A Millionaire, until I took her home.  

I felt so blessed to be able to spend the day with one of my best friends!
So that's how I like to celebrate achievements and milestones: good friends, fun activities, and chocolate.  Always chocolate.

-XO Juls


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