20 Things To Do When You're Bored

1.  Read A Book
Find a book on your shelf you haven't read yet and discover a new world.

2.  Write A Letter To An Old Friend
Catch up with a friend in a classic way.  

3.  Play A Video You Haven't Played In A While
When I'm feeling nostalgic one of my favorite things to do is go back to a game I haven't played in a long time.  You'll be in a different frame of mind than the last time you played and your skills may have improved.  You might just be able to beat that boss this time.

4.  Write Out Your Goals

5.  Paint A Picture
Even if you feel like your artistic skills aren't on par with Picasso's you can still express yourself with a brush and canvas.  Paint whatever comes to mind.

6.  Spa Day: Treat Yourself To A Day Of Primping 
Take care of yourself a little bit, you deserve it!

7.  Figure Out Who Your Alter-Ego Superhero Would Be & What Powers They Would Have

8.  Organize Your Room

9.  One Man Dance Party
Turn up the beats and moonwalk like there's no tomorrow.

10.  Go Through Your Wardrobe
Look at what you have and donate what you don't need anymore.  

11.  Make A Hilarious Video
Maybe even post it on YouTube.

12.  Watch Your Favorite Movie
...and recite every scene word for word.

13.  Workout
P90X, yoga, or even just a few push-ups, anything beats bumming on the couch.

14.  Write A Short Story

15.  The Same Thing We Do Every Night... Try To Take Over The World

16.  Blog About Something Inspiring

17.  Bake Some Delicious Sweets
Try a new recipe or make your favorite cookies.

18.  Make A Gift For A Friend
Even if it's not anyone's birthday make something nice for a friend.  They'll appreciate it.

19.  Create A Playlist
Put together a playlist of songs that represent what you're feeling right now.

20.  Try Something New
Watch a video on how to beatbox, learn a new hobby, etc.

-XO Juls


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