8: A Moment I Was Most Satisfied With My Life

8:  A Moment I Was Most Satisfied With My Life

One word.  Or is it two words?  I think it's two, idk you tell me.
Laser Tag.

A few years ago I went to the Laser Dome with my cousin Bobby for his birthday along with a bunch of his and our friends.  (We're cousin bffs by the way.)  Armed with my new Laser Dome nickname "Dingo Killer" I 'saddled up' to go kick some butt laser tag style.  Luckily my then best friend and I were put on the same team, unluckily Bobby and two of the other boys I knew would be good were on the opposing team.  

So we entered, us blue, them red.  I soon met our other team mates at our base and learned we had an ex marine on our team. "Booyah," I thought to myself, "secret weapon".  This round we were playing bases, so the goal was to shoot their base more than they shot ours as well as shoot the other players.  They also had rapid fire available.  Let me tell you, once you've used rapid fire you never want to stop using it.

All in all I ended up having the best base shooting strategy on our team (which I won't reveal on here because a magician doesn't reveal their secrets) and I got rapid fire multiple times.

In the end I was the highest point scorer on our team, even higher than marine dude.  The boys and I never did settle if my score was higher than any of theirs, but I did feel quite satisfied with my laser tag abilities after that. 

The End

-XO Juls


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