5 Favorite Websites To Waste Time On

This isn't falling in line with my "30 Day Challenge" thing but I feel like sharing with you my top 5 websites for procrastinating on. 

1.  Picmonkey.com
This is where I edit my photos which takes up a lot of time.

2.  Pinterest.com
My brain just likes to wander on pinterest.  I get to look at pretty pictures of dresses and Italy or find fun new recipes to try.  Not to mention it seems to be a great way for me to 'organize my inspiration.'

3.  Hulu.com and Netflix.com
Movies & my stories.  I can get caught up for days.

4.  Modcloth.com
I get quite lost when I'm looking through page after page of cute mod clothes or vintage apartment decor.  

5.  LaurenConrad.com
LC gives great makeup & beauty tips and is always ahead of the game when it comes to trends so I like to get caught up fashion wise every once in a while on her sight.


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