It's Fascinating...

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to write about today.  So I finally settled on letting you in on what was going through my mind while driving to a meeting earlier this evening.  The sun was creating a spectacular array of colors as it was setting.  Sometimes I could only see some of the sunset as it peaked through the silhouette of blackened trees.  I thought to myself "I sure am fascinated by sunsets aren't I."  In fact there are many spectacular wonders in God's creation that simply astound me and try as I might I cannot wrap my head around them or understand them for their total worth.  Here I have compiled a (mostly) complete list of things that fascinate me.

1. Sunsets
2. Trees (especially silhouettes)
3. Clouds
4. Stars (I'm an Orion fanatic)
5. Lions (can I please hug one?)
6. Fire (if I was crazy I'd be a Pyromaniac)
7. The connections in Ted Dekker's books
8. Textures
9. Snow (specifically when I watch it falling on a still night)
10. Scents 

-XO Juls


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